Metro Glass has been supplying aluminum doors, storefronts, curtain wall systems and windows on a project basis for my company for the last 15 years. Regardless of size or complexity of the projects, they have always come through for me. I have found Metro Glass to be the best manufacturer for their high quality doors, entrances and all the other aluminum products. They conveniently carry a wide range of high quality door hardware, angles, and channels; it is conveniently for my on going orders and projects. The quality of their aluminum doors, entrances and windows are unsurpassed in our industry. The overall quality and attention to details on their products means return trips are virtually none exiting. Staff from office to shop has the best of knowledge’s of their products, their willingness to help resolve issues if there is any raised are tremendous.  I would recommend Metro Glass’s products from small to medium new and renovation projects to any customers like mine.

Lyle Loeppky, project manager and owner
Rocky Mountain Glass & Aluminum Products
Calgary, AB

Metro Glass has been our only supplier for last 40 years.  The quality of their products is the best to none.  They always meet the deadline regardless it was in a slow or busy seasons.  They always will get our orders to us on time.  There were many times that they worked on our orders before their own projects.  The level of knowledge of their estimators and production managers on doors, door hardware, special shaped frames to offer when it comes to our orders, projects, Metro Glass is reliable, knowledgeable, and extremely responsive to the needs of ours.

Kevin Aert, Owner and President
Sunset Glass
Olds AB

Metro Glass has been our sole supplier on our commercial side of orders and projects for over 40 years. They are reliable, knowledgeable and all of their products are reasonably priced. The quality of their doors, entrances is always the best. We often pick up our orders on late Fridays or on Saturdays and although these are not their regular hours, but they always accommodate our needs. We have enjoyed the long term customer and supplier relationship through the years and we greatly recommend Metro Glass to any other glass shops that are in search of a good manufacturer of aluminum doors and storefronts etc for their commercial orders and projects

Lawrence, owner and manager
Heartland Glass
Stetller, AB

Metro Glass has been a preferred contractor for our company since 2008 they have consistently provide quality products to our projects.  They have completed numbers of projects in the past 9 years, the projects are from renovation to our exiting restaurants to large scale commercial hotel developments, regardless locations of our projects, in fact most of them are in small towns and remote areas; they always come with exceptional customer satisfaction. They standby their warrantee regardless of distances they have to travel. I would recommend Metro Glass for future projects based on their highly qualified standards on their products and tremendous professional attitude.

Project Manager
Canalta Developments Inc.

We had a long relationship with Metro Glass and Aluminum Products on a number of our projects. Mei and Cliff have been great to work with and I find the installers on site are knowledgeable and professional. They are constantly looking for new products and introducing them to us. And from a budget prospect they are easy on bottom line. I would have no reservations at recommending Metro Glass to anyone designing or building commercial projects. I certainly look forward to working with them in the future.

John Hutchins
Osiris Construction Management